What makes us different?

We teach what works. Years of clinical practice have given us the experience to ignore the latest trendy methods and to concentrate on the depth of the human mind and to use thorough methods for successful treatment.

Our training teaches you to be with your client, not do to your client. The human mind is complex and the techniques we teach combined with an understanding of how the mind works offers a thorough working system for maximum impact in your client’s healing process.

Our courses are short and concise without any unnecessary fillers. I have been on multiple courses and found myself mentally screaming “Just teach me what works!”. Well it is with his premise that Hypnosis Deconstructed was born, We deconstruct modern systems and teach the components thoroughly so you can put together your own system of working that’s unique and individual to your  client. Our courses are intense and packed with information, a lot of the theory is in the comprehensive manuals we provide along with detailed descriptions of the techniques and methods.

We teach you to listen. The story the client gives you is the book of their life and is full of clues as to why they’re having difficulties at this present time. We will show you how unmet human needs, when combined with the developing mind, can bring behaviour and habits that are unwanted in that person’s life. It is also important to understand how trauma can create a multi-faceted emotional symptomology that needs respect and a competent therapist in order to effectively release it on all levels.

We will teach you Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. If the technique you want to do isn’t working then you will seemlessly fall into the next one. If hypnosis isn’t working then we’ll drop into eye movement techniques, if eye movement techniques aren’t working then we’ll drop into symbolism etc

Our courses aren’t bogged down by intellectual theory which is only of use in the classroom. We teach you what you need to know to be a thorough, knowledgeable therapist with a broad range of effective rapid techniques for thorough change.

Client Stories