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Our courses are designed by us with particular care for the needs of today’s therapists. We have completed many hundreds of hours of training and thousands of hours of clinical experience to deliver training that is relevant and using tried and tested methods and techniques that continually yield positive, lasting, thorough change in our clients.

We focus on practical work underpinned by sound theoretical knowledge. We won’t drown you in powerpoints, we will give you a comprehensive manual for the theory to read at home which might otherwise eat into valuable class time.

We have groups in Facebook especially for students to interact and share experience and for us to support you. Of course, we are available for Skype sessions too and you get 3 months of free Skype support to make sure your knowledge and skills are honed to razor sharp skills!

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The HD Academy Diploma

A thorough, fun, and confidence boosting Diploma giving you the skills to use a variety of hypnosis and non-hypnosis interventions. Over 9 months you will learn an in-depth amount of practical and theoretical knowledge to allow you to safely and effectively work with a variety of issues your clients present with.


The Dynamic Therapy Diploma

An intense and technique packed workshop! Learn how to listen to your clients and create your own dynamic system of working. Designed for those who already know how to hypnotise and would like to have more confidence and skills with a range of clients.

Addiction Workshop

This two day workshop will teach you specific techniques to conquer the addictive urge and also the theory behind addiction and why it’s so important to find out the ‘Why’.


Anxiety Masterclass

One of the most common problems presented to us by our clients is anxiety. We will teach what anxiety is and the most effective methods of getting it under control, or, if appropiate, removing it completely!


Diagnosis: Cancer

This workshop will give you the skills and techniques to effectively work with those diagnosed with cancer. From the emotions experienced at the beginning stages right through to the final stages.


The First Session

The First Session is designed for those new to the profession or who are lacking in confidence in what to do during the first session. It is a comprehensive manual with scripts, ideomotor facilitation, and how to use it for the clients individual needs.


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