Evidence of the Efficacy of Hypnosis.

The below is a collection of files and links showing how effective hypnosis is and answering that question you hear so often “But there’s no evidence to support it”.

A study showing that hypnosis decreases pre/post surgical anxiety by 56%:

“……….In conclusion, we found that hypnosis significantly alleviates preoperative anxiety.”

Study showing that hypnosis is more effective than placebo and salicylic acid for treatment of warts

“……..only the hypnotic subjects had lost significantly more warts than the no treatment controls”

Effects of when hypnosis is used with sedation

“………post-operative pain ratings, and post-operative prescription pain reliever consumption were all significantly reduced in the treatment compared to the control group.”

A study showing the long term effects of gut directed hypnotherapy on IBS

“……..gut-directed hypnotherapy in refractory IBS is an effective treatment option with long-lasting effects,”


“……….This study confirms the successful effect of hypnotherapy in a larger series of patients with irritable bowel syndrome”

Hypnotherapy and fibromyalgia​

“…………hypnotherapy may be useful in relieving symptoms in patients with refractory fibromyalgia.”

Videos showing effective use of techniques

We often come across videos on Youtube and Vimeo that makes us think “Oooh that’s explained well”, here are some of those.

Below is a video of the excellent Michael Watson demonstrating both ideomotor responses and asking the subconscious to access the blueprint (desired state pre-problem) to override existing difficulties:

A technique from Thought Field Therapy demonstrated by Kevin Laye called Collarbone Breathing, great for an energy reset!

A video collection without the infamous Karl Smith just wouldn’t be right!
Here he is demonstrating the Hand Take Induction:

Emotional Detox by Kelley T Woods, demo of the NLP Anchor Collapse:

For videos on hints, tips and advice on all things hypnosis:

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