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This exciting and innovative Hypnotherapy Diploma is ideal for those new to the profession, those who have had a break and those wishing to increase their skill-set or improve their confidence. Learn how to listen and be dynamic in the application of your new skills to your clients so no session is ever the same!  We will take you through the range of techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychoanalytical, metaphorical, and other therapies such as the popular and evidenced based eye movement therapeutic interventions. Your progression through the course will take you from learning the basics through to the application of the therapeutic approaches most appropriate for your clients. You will gain a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of the profession and also how to work with specific presentations such as IBS, weight issues, anxiety, fears and phobias. Teaching is provided via classroom tuition by presentations, demonstrations and practical skill progression. You can expect 18 full days in the classroom as well as homestudy and reflective written pieces.


You will be given an extensive range of tools and techniques to help you dynamically and effectively deal with a wide range of clients presentations. The powerful Analytical Hypnotherapy skills you are taught on the course include highly effective uncovering and age regression procedures, gestalt dialogues, dynamic reprogramming procedures and a great array of methods to reveal and change unhealthy subconscious scripts at the root of psychological and behavioural problems.

In this course, you acquire further understanding of the dynamics of therapeutic change and learn advanced principles of therapeutic decision-making.  You learn to maximize the client’s motivation and commitment to goals of therapy and to deal with inhibitions on therapeutic change arising from secondary gains and other reasons.

This diploma has been fully validated and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.


A Brief History of Hypnosis
Being a Great Therapist
Content Free vs Analytical
Setting up the Session
How to tell, are they Hypnotised?
Hypnotic Phenomena
Good Hypnotic Words
Language of the Subconscious
The Set Piece
Suggestibility tests
Polyvagel Theory
Mirror Neurons
Mind / Heart Cohesion
Rapid and Instant Induction
Deepening Techniques
Ideomotor Responses
Human Needs
The Developing Brain / ACE Study
The Consultation Form
Setting up and managing a new business
Scripts – The Good and the Bad

The Techniques
Eliciting and Changing Submodalities
Embodied Cognition
The 4 Step Meta Pattern
Creating your own Techniques
Aversion Therapy
Parts Therapy
Regression to Cause
Gestalt Dialogue
A Template Regression Session
EMDR Technique
Alt Eye Movement Protocol
Ego State Therapy
Inner Child Work
NLP Powertools
Hypnotic Symbolism
Power Ball
Immerging the Client
Notes on Safety
Abreactions and Other Surprises
Morals and Ethics
Reflective Case Studies – What would you do?

Learn about Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term referring to the ability of your brain to reorganize itself, both physically and functionally, throughout your life due to your environment, behaviour, thinking, and emotions. The concept of a changing brain has replaced the formerly held belief that the adult brain was pretty much a physiologically static organ or hard-wired, after critical developmental periods in childhood. This is exciting as we, as therapists, can learn how to literally rewire the brain!

Learn about Polyvagel Theory

In 1994 Dr Stephen Porges proposed the Polyvagal Theory, a theory that links the evolution of the mammalian autonomic nervous system to social behaviour and emphasizes the importance of physiological state in the expression of behavioural problems and psychiatric disorders. This exciting revelation helps us to understand how to improve as therapists and how to empower our clients for change!

Learn about Mirror Neurons

Imitation has always been a powerful learning tool. The human brain is enabled with different mechanisms that allow us to imitate actions. Babies are capable of reproducing facial expressions, and as adults, we imitate basic behaviour. Laughter can be spread, we can cry while watching a sad movie… It seems like we have the capacity to feel what others feel, empathize with them and understand their feelings. What happens in the brain for this to happen? The answer is mirror neurons. You will learn how to maximise the potential for change with this working in your client’s favour!

Learn about The Art of Analysis

At the end of this diploma you will successfully be able to use techniques to uncover the core issue with your client. You will learn how to safely regress back to an earlier event, both positive and negative regression, how to identify parts of the psyche at conflict, how to use Gestalt dialogue to move from problem to solution state and how to heal the inner child.

Learn about Mind / Heart Cohesion

When our emotions and mind are brought into coherent alignment with the heart, our brain and heart are operating in a synergetic way. We then experience a deeper intuitive inner guidance. In other words, heart intelligence can also be defined as the ability of our heart to sync all of the systems of our body to bring a higher state of awareness, and to bring more clarity and focus to our lives. This has been evidenced with HeartMath Institute and we will teach you the techniques to achieve it!

Learn about Understanding Human Needs

Knowing about human needs that are essential for growth as a living being will help to understand the ‘why’ of much maligned behaviour. We will teach you about this and what happens when those needs aren’t met, and what you can do about it.

Learn about Embodied Cognition

This is a fascinating area of psychology and it looks at how we do emotions with our body. This knowledge is a technique for change in itself! Someone who is anxious looks very different to someone who is relaxed, we can use the body to change the emotion behind it.

Learn about The 4 Step Meta Pattern

Knowing this pattern is the foundation of 99% of therapy techniques and methodologies. Once we teach you the 4 step process you will be able to create your own techniques as this pattern is at the heart of most transformational processes! Don’t underestimate it’s power by it’s simplicity.

Learn about Eye Movement Techniques

Eye movement techniques are extremely popular as they are backed by evidence and research into conditions such as PTSD and anxiety. They enable stuck memories to be moved to completion which in turn changed the internal belief associated with them. We will explain the theories of why they work and how to use them for maximum speed and effectiveness!


Throughout the course you will be given reflective pieces to write, assignments to support classroom material, case studies to show competence in techniques and a final exam to test your knowledge.

Assessment of Competency:

Your skills will be continuously assessed throughout the course and along with the assignments and final exam results you will be assessed as competent to practice and be given your diploma certificate!

Course Aftercare:

We strongly believe that you should have access to supervision after your training so you will be able to contact both myself, Paul, and Bev with any questions you may have for up to 3 months following your course. You will also have access to the Facebook group when you can ask us questions along with your colleagues who have also completed the course.

Summary of Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate competence and effectiveness in a range of therapeutic processes
  • To manage the experience of a hypnosis session with your client
  • The appropriate use of hypnotic phenomena
  • Have the confidence to use your knowledge to facilitate profound change in your clients
  • Use a range of modern and classical techniques
  • Learn where to accept or refer on cases out of speciality
  • How to work with the core identity of the client
  • Business skills to get yourself noticed and the clients calling in!


Next Course:



2019 dates to be confirmed.

Training times run from 9am to 5.30pm daily


The full cost of your investment for your hypnotherapy diploma is just £2250. This is an all inclusive price for your materials, exam, certificate and training as well as any ad-hoc practice evenings we organise for you. If you pay the full amount then we will give you a £200 discount. Payment can be via the website, credit/debit card, Paypal or bank transfer. Please enter coupon ‘fullpay’ at checkout to receive the discount.

If not paying the full amount a deposit of £500 is required to reserve your place with the remaining balance either being paid before the course start date or we can arrange monthly invoicing for the remaining amount over a 6 month period as long as fully settled by month 6 of the course . The deposit can be taken over the phone with a credit/debit card or via bank transfer. If you would like a PayPal invoice send for the £500 then we can easily arrange that. Please get in touch by phone or email to arrange the depost.

We look forward to seeing working with you!

Yours sincerely


Paul and Bev

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