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The First Session is designed for those new to the profession or who are lacking in confidence in what to do during the first session. It is a comprehensive manual with scripts, ideomotor facilitation, and how to use it for the clients individual needs.

It is a whopping 24 page, 15400 word document that, when used correctly will boost your knowledge and skills as well as getting you used to stories and metaphor telling.

​​​Many training courses will leave you ill equipped with what to do during the first session so this is designed for you, those that are lacking in confidence or unsure how to structure a first session. This is merely a point of reference, an idea to get you started but once you are more experienced you find you own preferred way of working as your skills will rapidly grow due to taking more courses to further your confidence and skills, yes, like the ones we offer at Hypnosis Deconstructed!

​This is a multi-stage script/protocol/process that is designed for those starting out in the profession or those who are building up a skills repertoire, to give you a structure around how you could conduct your first session with a client. The elements of the script are:

​1. Pleasant place resource install
​2. Emotional clearing methods (visual / kinaesthetic)
​3. Learning the new you
​4. Removing the last of the past
​5. New behaviour install (parts/ego state)
​6. Embracing the new you
​7. Future pacing

​I need to make it clear that this is not a substitute for therapy work or a one session panacea, it would be unethical and unprofessional to even suggest it. In some cases this MAY be all that the client needs, but at Hypnosis Deconstructed it is our belief that a follow up appointment should be booked as it’s easy to make someone feel good in the moment but, as a credible therapist, it is your job to ensure your client has received the service they have paid for.

Also included are:

Eliciting Submodalities
The Consultation Form
What to Expect from the Client
Ideomotor Responses
How to Bring it all Together

Best of luck on your journey and you can find Paul and Bev based in many respectable groups on Facebook so you can find us there or drop us a line personally. You can also search on Facebook for our page Hypnosis Deconstructed where we give away tips, tricks, advice and information on our courses.

Limited number of free copies available.

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