The Dynamic Therapy Diploma

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An intense and technique packed diploma! Learn how to listen to your clients and create your own dynamic system of working. Designed for those who already know how to hypnotise and would like to have more confidence and skills with a range of clients.

This course is 3 intense and practical packed days. You will be given theory and practical at a fast pace in a range of rapid and analytical methodologies. If you’re new or recently trained and lacking in confidence or skills then this is the course for you!

If you are an experienced therapist this may not be the course for you but you are welcome to join this course if you feel your skills need freshening up.

Here is the table of contents from the manual:

A Brief History of Hypnosis
Being a Great Therapist
Content Free vs Analytical
Setting up the Session
How to tell, are they Hypnotised?
Hypnotic Phenomena
Good Hypnotic Words
Language of the Subconscious
The Set Piece
Magnetic Fingers
Light / Heavy Arms
Rapid and Instant Induction
Fingerlock Induction
Magnetic Hands
The Elman Induction
Eye Fixation
Hanging Arm
The 8 Word Induction
Stiff Arm Induction
Spinning Arms / Confusion
Deepening Techniques
Ideomotor Responses
Human Needs
The Developing Brain / ACE Study
The Consultation Form

The Techniques
Eliciting and Changing Submodalities
Parts Therapy
Regression to Cause
Gestalt Dialogue
A Template Regression Session
EMDR Technique
Alt Eye Movement Protocol
Somatic Release
Polyvagal Theory in Therapy
Ego State Therapy
Inner Child Work
NLP Powertools
Hypnotic Symbolism
Power Ball
Immerging the Client
Notes on Safety
Abreactions and Other Surprises
Morals and Ethics
Reflective Case Studies – What would you do?

NEW FOR 2019!!!!! Somatic Release and Polyvagal Theory in Therapy

Somatic Release

Based on the work of Pat Ogden and Peter Levine, Somatic Release work is getting the body to physically release the emotion from the body through movement. Typically the nervous system will hold the energy of the problem in a trapped state, usually from a perceived inescapable situation. Somatic Release allows the boy, with the help of the therapist, to move out of the trapped state and release it once and for all! It’s a very simple, elegant method that when done correctly can produce profound results.

Polyvagal Theory in Therapy

The research of Dr Stephen Porges and Dr Stanley Rosenberg into the vagus nerve has produced fascinating ways into rethinking the function of the autonomic nervous system. We will give you a brief but thorough account of Polyvagal Theory and how to use it with your clients.

You will get a 100 page comprehensive manual with the theory and techniques to take away to use as a refresher. We’ve never seen a more thorough manual on any of the courses we’ve attended ourselves!

Being actively involved in Facebook groups for therapists some of the regular questions we see are:

How do I deal with this phobia / that phobia?
Has anyone dealt with x before?
Has anyone got a script for y?
Looking for advice on x?
Does anyone know a good system/protocol for z?

We will teach you to focus on the client and how they are feeling rather than the endless amount of labels there are for every type of problem your client has. It boils down to asking your client two things:

1. How do you feel? – Problem
​2. How do you want to feel? – Solution

​We will teach you how to move the client from Problem State to Solution State

​Then there’s the salesmen who constantly flout their system as the one session cure all technique, which is unethical, unprofessional, lies, and quite frankly, dangerous. These salesmen are one of the reasons this rewarding profession isn’t taken seriously. We do not teach systems, we teach you to create your own system matched to that particular client.

All students/colleagues will be given access to the secret Facebook group with content which will be uploaded on a regular basis. This is a new feature and a great resource.

The techniques we will teach you will enable you to look at any problem, assess the causation, match the appropriate techniques in a protocol that works for each session. They will give you enormous flexibility in working for you to truly be: The Dynamic Therapist.

Places are limited to 20 people. This is to give you the time and attention you need to ensure you come away with the knowledge and confidence to take your new skills to the max!!!

Next course:

Date: April 2020
Location: Newcastle
​Times: 9am to 5.30pm daily.

If you wish to pay by instalments then please get in touch as we can setup Paypal invoicing to spread the payments.

Accommodation is available at the hotel. Best rates on Trip Advisor or Check out AirBnB too as previous students have found well priced accommodation via that site. Book your hotels early to get the best rates!

Places are strictly limited to 20 people, once the places are gone you will need to wait until the next course announcement. This is to ensure the highest standard of teaching and learning. We want to ensure all techniques are understood and you go away confident with a new set of powerful techniques.

We can’t wait to see you there!


“A brilliant insightful carefully collaborated training – an immense amount of wisdom offered at a very reasonable cost – I would recommend this course to anyone looking to train or build on training in hypnosis and process work .. excellent ..Thank you x


“If you know that there are gaps in your training and knowledge, but don’t even know what they are, then this is the perfect course.

It combines all the foundations of the many, many confusing over elaborated protocols out there.

My faith is restored in the integrity of training. Paul and Bev actually teach you what you need to know, without selling another version of someone else’s training. Its psychology and hypnosis combined to fulfill why the methods we’re using work.
Its hypnosis REconstructed.
The missing pieces of the puzzle.
Penny drop after penny drop and several light bulb moments during the three days, which went by too quickly.
I had a brilliant time and I’m so glad I came.
NOW it all makes sense!
Thankyou so, so much.  x”


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