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Client Stories


I absolutely enjoyed the 3 days training of Paul and Bev. I have learned a lot of useful skills and revisited the extra points for the techniques I knew already. I loved their creative approach of the training, lots of practice, great communication and a massive book they have created for us to take home and to revisit. They have managed to combine the most useful and popular in a modern rapid change therapy world techniques which I used last week with the great success already. Cant wait to give more freedom and feeling of relief to those people who suffer with the approach I have learned on this training.


What can I say apart from WOW, the training offered by Hypnosis Deconstructed has far exceeded any expectations I could’ve possibly had. The content, the teaching and the support from both Bev and Paul have been outstanding. Words can’t really express how impressed I am with the quantity and quality of the information given.

If there is one course I could recommend then it’s this one.


Just completed with Paul Gibson, and Bev Gisborn, Hypnosis Deconstructed in Bedford.
Really enjoyed and learned so much this course filled some of the blanks in for me.
Some amazing new tools to use in future therapy sessions.
Great support and these guys know their stuff.
Thanks guys it’s been amazing I’d highly recommend this course to anyone


I’m still buzzing from the amazing Dynamic Therapist training this weekend with Bev and Paul! The course content was incredible over the whole three days and there was so much invaluable learning.
Thank you both for sharing such in depth information clearly and in a way that I personally could follow, absorb and take away to use in my practice.
It was a great experience and in addition I met some really lovely people too! I would highly recommend this training to anyone that wants to increase their knowledge and learn to use some brilliant techniques! Big Thanks to all concerned!

Bevs Student 1

I have completed a training course with Bev in Australia and I have been absolutely blown away, Bev did an amazing job and as someone who had no previous experience the course was delivered so that I was able to learn and keep up with the others in the group. I left the course full of confidence after having so much support and advice throughout which continued long after the course. Bev has always been willing to answer any questions I have had and provided outstanding mentorship, so much so that I am now in the process of changing my career as a result of that course.



Excellent, well thought out training. New skills learnt and practiced whilst previous skills revisted and revised. The Hypnosis Deconstructed course ensured that you were a more skilled Hypnotherapist at the end of 3 days than you were when you started on day 1. Highly recommended. 

Bevs Student 3

As someone who is new to this line of work I was very nervous to be on a course with so many others that had experience. Bev instantly made me feel at ease and was really supportive throughout the weekend, her energy and enthusiasm for what she teaches just shines through and is infectious. I left the weekend feeling really confident and reassured that Bev would continue to provide on-going support and mentoring afterwards. I have contacted Bev many times after the course seeking advice and have always received helpful advice and guidance. I loved every minute of my course and would not hesitate in recommending Bev to anyone.

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